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Modern kitchen in white and light wood colors with Ketra Lighting comparison

Ketra Lighting Design Reignites Your Utah Spaces

Create an ideal indoor setting with Ketra’s innovative LED lighting fixtures that offer unparalleled personalization. Harness the potential of their adjustable, all-encompassing fixtures that rejuvenate your health and assist you in designing customized interiors with light for your property in Salt Lake City or Park City, UT.

Lighting Control Systems with an Infinite Color Palette

Why limit yourself to monochrome lighting? Experience the vibrant array of colors with Ketra's Dynamic Spectrum lighting, encompassing the full visible color spectrum. Select from a diverse palette, including crisp whites, soft pastels, and deep saturated tones, to perfectly match and enhance your walls, furniture, and overall décor.

ketra multiple colors in kitchen

Tune Your Lighting to Your Needs

Harness High-End Lighting without Limitations

A Dynamic, Bespoke Approach to Interior Lighting

You don’t have to settle for a limited color temperature index with Ketra’s dynamic white lighting, which delivers the broadest spectrum in the industry of 1,400K to 10,000K. Experience a tunable lighting solution that provides the tools—from white hues to soft pastels and saturated colors—to hone your interior design and lifestyle.
Modern kitchen in white and light wood colors with Ketra Lighting comparison
Composed of Multiple Light Sources
Tunable white light typically features “warm” or “cool” light sources limited between 2,700K and 3,000K. Ketra fixtures contain multiple primary light sources, which combine their unique spectrums of light for a greater color gamut that designers can dial in for any application or aesthetic.
Seize Full Color and Control in Your Home
Reproduce the warm glow of a candle or a crisp midday sky with Ketra’s High Def Palette, a four-channel LED system composed of red, green, blue and white LEDs. Its proprietary mixing and driver technology allows for unlimited flexibility without sacrificing the fixtures’ color rendering.

Revolutionizing Interior Lighting Design

Transform your space with Ketra's unparalleled white lighting, offering an industry-leading color temperature range from 1,400K to 10,000K. Embrace a lighting solution that adapts to your lifestyle, providing everything from serene whites to vibrant colors for the ultimate interior design enhancement.
Ketra kitchen with tri-colored lighting
Harnessing Multiple Light Sources
Step beyond the typical "warm" or "cool" lighting options, usually limited to 2,700K to 3,000K. Ketra's lighting fixtures feature diverse primary light sources, merging unique light spectrums to create an expansive color range that caters to any design need or preference.
Total Control and Color in Your Home
Create the perfect ambiance, from the cozy glow of a candle to the clear light of a sunny day, with Ketra's High Def Palette. This innovative four-channel LED system, with red, green, blue, and white LEDs, offers limitless flexibility while maintaining superior color quality.

Embrace the Power of Natural Light

Elevate your interior décor with Ketra's dynamic circadian lighting, which introduces the beauty of natural light indoors. Its versatile color options and advanced dimming capabilities mimic the fluidity of natural light, enhancing both your environment and mood.
Woman practicing yoga  inside a room

Replenish Your Space with Ketra’s Natural Light

Optimize your wellbeing and décor with fully tunable fixtures.
Woman and child doing homework
The Benefits of Natural Light
Natural light has long been our compass, influencing our activities and responses. Yet, the stark contrast between indoor cool LEDs and outdoor warm sunlight can impact our comfort and wellbeing. Ketra bridges this gap, promoting better relaxation, focus, and rest.
How Ketra Mimics Natural Light
Ketra's Natural Light solution seamlessly aligns with the natural light's blackbody radiation curve, adjusting in color temperature and intensity. As daylight changes, Ketra's Natural Light automatically synchronizes, providing a seamless outdoor-indoor light transition.

Master Your Interior Design with High-End Fixtures

Infuse your home with ideal lighting through sophisticated Ketra light fixtures, boasting high CRI and precision optics. Design a detailed lighting scheme that delivers precise color in the desired locations.

Achieve Lighting Perfection

Draw up your dream home with exquisite color quality and precision.

The Color Rendering Index

Understanding the quality of lighting fixtures and their interaction with colors is crucial.
Citrics with two color comparison
What it is
CRI quantifies a light source's ability to reproduce colors compared to natural daylight.
How it's Measured
Measured on a 0 to 100 scale, higher values indicate brighter, truer lighting.
Why it Matters
LEDs with a CRI over 90 ensure exceptional color rendering, bringing out the true beauty of your interiors and artwork.

The Power of Precision Optics

Precision optics, utilizing reflection and refraction principles, enable precise, targeted lighting delivery.
Man working on floorplans

Ketra TruBeam: Precision Optics in a Whole New Light

TruBeam technology unites multiple color beams into a focused, distortion-free light source, offering consistent color distribution.
Artwork on a white wall

Ketra Color Lock: The Color You Want Guaranteed

Ketra's advanced calibration systems maintain your ideal lighting settings over time, ensuring consistent color quality throughout the fixture's lifespan.
Ketra vibrant colors in a lobby

Ketra Vibrancy: Enhance Your Favorite Features

With Ketra, adjust specific colors at chosen temperatures to achieve deeper, more resonant lighting that enhances your space's aesthetic.
    Man working on floorplans

    Ketra TruBeam: Precision Optics in a Whole New Light

    Dispense a uniform color in pinpoint fashion sans distortion with TruBeam, which combines a range of color beams into a small, pre-mixed source of light.
    Artwork on a white wall

    Ketra Color Lock: The Color You Want Guaranteed

    Preserve the ideal lighting for years with calibration and preservation systems that monitor light output to ensure no color degradation over the fixture’s lifetime.
    Ketra Vibrancy: Enhance Your Favorite Features

    Ketra Vibrancy: Enhance Your Favorite Features

    Adjust only the individual colors needed at a given color temperature to ensure a richer illumination that bounces off objects just the way you want.

      Ketra Lighting Fixture Options and Features

      Ketra's diverse and elegant lighting fixtures cater to your Salt Lake City or Park City, UT home's unique style.
      Recessed downlights offer uniform lighting for a harmonious ambience.
      Position fixtures to accentuate art, furniture, or architectural elements.
      Wall Wash
      Choose wall wash fixtures for balanced light distribution, highlighting art or vibrant wall colors.

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