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3 Amazing Benefits of Custom Automated Window Treatments


Take control of natural lighting, privacy and energy conservation with automated shades in your home

When it comes to automated window shades, we often hear homeowners in Park City, UT, say that they’re an ultra-expensive luxury item. At Argenta, we’re here to tell you that idea is wrong. Automated shades are beautiful and luxurious (we can’t deny that), but they’re well worth your investment for the additional benefits they bring to your home.

At Argenta, we can design and install custom window treatments to conserve energy, manage natural lighting, protect your privacy and save time that you would otherwise spend opening and closing multiple sets of blinds in your home. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits automated shades have to offer. 


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Energy Efficient

Automated window treatments are an incredibly easy and effective way to manage your home’s energy more effectively year-round. When it’s hot out, lowering the shades helps cool your house naturally, without relying on your HVAC system to do all the work. When it’s cold out, shades provide sturdy insulation that prevents heat from escaping through the windows. In both cases, your HVAC system is performing less work and conserving more energy. You’ll notice the difference on your next electricity bill.

To optimize energy savings, we recommend integrating automated shades with a smart thermostat. The two devices work together to control the climate in your home. If the inside temperature is too warm, a smart thermostat will trigger the shades to close and cool the house naturally instead of blasting the AC right away.   


Perfect Lighting Control for Every Room

Beautiful custom window treatments come in hundreds of different colors, styles, fabrics and textures. You can easily find shades that meet the lighting control needs of each room in your home. Install blackout shades in the bedroom to ensure a restful and peaceful night’s sleep in a perfectly darkened room. Blackout shades are also an amazing choice in a home theater to beautifully highlight bright, vivid colors in a film and capture the cinematic experience.

In the living room and kitchen, window treatments made with sheer fabrics allow natural light to filter into your space while still protecting your privacy. Sheer blinds have a transparent weave that lets you see outside but blocks others from peering into your house. They’re a fantastic solution for open, airy rooms where you want natural light but don’t want to expose your home to heat, glare and the neighbors’ eyes.   


Safe and Easy Operation

Automation is what truly makes the benefits listed above shine. Automated window treatments are far simpler to use than manual blinds. There are no cords to manipulate and your shades can raise or lower with just a tap of a button on a mobile app, remote or dedicated in-wall keypad. Even better, you can adjust window shades to raise or lower to the precise level you want to let in the perfect amount of light.

Automation comes with other perks to make your life more comfortable and convenient. You can set a schedule that automatically lowers your shades during the hottest hours of the day — now, you’re conserving energy and saving money without even doing anything!

Using a mobile app, you can also access and control your window treatments remotely. If you forget to lower the blinds before leaving on a weekend getaway, simply pull up the shading system on your smartphone and click one button to close all shades and safeguard your home’s privacy. And when you’re exhausted and already in bed at night, don’t get up and trek across the house to close the blinds. With a tap of a button on your smartphone or remote, lower all shades without even moving. 


At Argenta, we can help you design and install custom window treatments to match your interior design and lifestyle needs. Choose from hundreds of styles, colors and textures, and our team will handle the rest! Call us at 801-996-3146, fill out a contact form or speak with a representative via the chat box on your screen.

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