Everything You Need for a Great Home Theater Setup


With the right setup, your home theater will rival the viewing experience at a commercial movie theater

There’s never been a better time to invest in a home theater setup. Many movie theaters around Salt Lake City, UT, are still closed or open at limited capacity. And even as commercial theaters begin to reopen, you may not feel comfortable going to one yet.

Meanwhile, more content than ever is available for streaming and digital downloads, and residential TVs and sound systems have advanced to deliver a cinematic-quality viewing and listening experience. In a home theater equipped with smart technology, you can control the entire experience, from content to lighting to seating. Keep reading to learn 5 things you need to start building your home cinema and how Argenta can help.


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1.) An AV Receiver

The AV receiver is the most critical piece of equipment in your home theater. A receiver processes all your input channels (media sources), output channels (speakers) and networking connections. It receives all your video and audio signals and outputs them to the correct place (i.e., your screen or speakers). Your home theater receiver should have enough inputs to play several sources — like streaming, Blu-ray, video games, downloads, etc. — and generate enough power to support multiple speakers.


2.) A Large Screen and High-End Speakers

When it comes to a theater screen, size does matter. If your screen is too small for everyone to see comfortably, you’re losing out on the experience. For the true cinematic feel, we recommend a high-end projector screen and projector. Today, projector technology is sophisticated enough to deliver 4K and 8K resolution and play network-enabled streaming video sources. Depending on your space’s size, we suggest pairing your screen with a Dolby Atmos surround-sound speaker system for an immersive audio experience.  


3.) Lighting Control

Lighting sets the mood in a home theater. At a minimum, we suggest adding dimmable lights in your theater space. You can program these lights to fade away into full darkness as the movie starts (just like in a commercial theater) and slowly increase brightness when the film is over, to ease your arrival back to reality. We also highly recommend more nuanced lighting fixtures like recessed in-wall lighting, strip lighting and color-changing lighting to enhance the interior design and highlight your theater’s beautiful aesthetics.


4.) Plush Seating

One of the best parts about going to the movies is reclining back into the comfortable plush seats. We have good news for you — you can absolutely include theater-style seats in your home cinema. Residential theater seats have armrests, reclining capabilities and cupholders for snacks and drinks. They’re also more padded than traditional recliners, which adds increased comfort to your movie-watching experience.


5.) Acoustic Treatments and Professional Calibration

A professional hand sets a dedicated home theater experience apart from watching a movie on the TV in your living room. Professional calibration of your AV installation ensures that you’re receiving the best audio and video performance from your equipment. Out techs can calibrate video display settings to deliver optimal color, contrast and brightness. We’ll add acoustic treatments to minimize ambient noise and deliver balanced, even sound to every seat. 


At Argenta, we can help you design and install the ideal home theater setup for your space. Call us at 801-996-3146 or fill out an online contact form to set up a consultation with one of our experts. You can also reach out through the live chat box on our website!

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