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Experience Beautiful Lighting and Intuitive Controls

 A kitchen warmly illuminated with Control4’s Vibrant Linear Lighting.

Lighting Control Systems Include Touch, Voice, and Automation 

Today's lighting control systems have transformed how we illuminate our homes in Salt Lake City, UT. We bring daylight indoors with the touch of a button. When we press 'Entertain,’ every light in our home changes to pre-preprogrammed hues and intensities, from arctic blue to indigo. When we retire, we tap the 'Good Night' icon on a tablet by the bed, and the shades lower while every light turns off.

It's an incredible automated world we're living in. Have you joined the smart home revolution? 

We understand your hesitancy. For some, it's watching too many movies in which smart homes transform into high-tech prisons. For others, it's simply not knowing what they're missing. That's understandable. Have you ever tried a key lime pie? If not, you can't know the citrusy tang or the sweet yet tart, refreshing flavor. 

If you've never experienced a lighting control system, how can you know the immense beauty and ease of living it offers? Here, we'll try to explain, though words can never do it justice.

Manage Your Light Effortlessly with Lighting Control Systems

A softly lit bedroom with recessed and pendant lighting fixtures.

Bring Natural and Dynamic Lighting Into Your Home

Lighting is an essential part of our lives that’s easily taken for granted. We flip a light switch, and the room brightens. We arrive home in the evening, press a button, and our outdoor lights illuminate the darkness.

Today’s lighting control systems, however, offer so much more. Your preferences, from brighter and energetic to soft and warm, become effortlessly managed with your voice or a tap on a touchscreen. Press a button that reads 'Relax,' and every light in the living room, kitchen, and outdoor spa area aligns to programmed settings, from soft azure to a golden glow.

Lighting is no longer just a way to see in the dark but effortlessly sets the mood, transforming your home for life's many occasions. It's often one of the most popular automated solutions. Yes, home theaters and whole-home audio bring unsurpassed levels of entertainment and joy, but the right lighting brings a visual image that’s breathtaking. 

Photographers know about the Magic Hour. It's the hour right before sunset or sunrise when the lighting takes on a golden glow that infuses everything. Now, with one button touch, you can experience the magic in your Salt Lake City, UT, home.

Let’s explore the possibilities.


 A house with a lighting control system


Did you know that residential properties are the third-largest consumer of energy in the US, and of all the energy we use at our homes, 35% is wasted?

Given that lighting is the fourth largest source of energy consumption in residential space, it’s safe to say that it’s a significant contributor to energy waste, which increases your electricity bill and negatively impacts the environment. Utilize a smart lighting control system in your Salt Lake City, UT, home to make your house more energy efficient, save money, and reduce energy waste.

Lutron and the Future of Lighting Control

A kitchen featuring Lutron lights and motorized shades. 

The Impact of Lighting Control Systems in Your Smart Home

Lutron is the leading brand in smart lighting control and motorized shades, working with a select group of dealers to bring their products to smart homes across the US. At Argenta, we have been installing state-of-the-art lighting control systems in Salt Lake City, UT, for years. Through our continuous commitment, we were recently presented with the 2022 Lutron Diamond Dealer award. 

Read on to learn what Lutron can do for your smart home and how our certified installers and integrators will give you the most out of every lighting control system. 

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