5 Tips for Creating an Amazing Outdoor Entertainment Setup


With summer right around the corner, prep your backyard or patio to bring your favorite music and movies outside

If you’re cooped up at home right now, you may be feeling antsy and restless. It’s a great time to consider how you can spice up your daily life while still staying safe at home.

An outdoor entertainment system could be a worthwhile addition to your Salt Lake City, UT, home. Get out of the house and take in some fresh air while enjoying all your favorite music, movies and TV shows from the comfort of your backyard or patio. Here are 5 tips to help you set up your outdoor space.

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1. Install an Evenly Distributed Speaker System

If you want to listen to music throughout your entire backyard or patio, then installing one speaker won’t be sufficient. For outdoor spaces, evenly distributed landscape speakers around the perimeter provide broader coverage, more even volume and a better experience for listeners, because all the sound is directed inward.

You can find several brands that offer high-quality outdoor speakers designed to withstand environmental elements like rain and dirt. And for aesthetic purposes, multiple brands have landscape speakers with underground subwoofers that blend in seamlessly with the surrounding foliage.  

2. Choose a TV Designed to Withstand the Elements

We’re sorry to say, but your indoor TV won’t cut it outside. In the great outdoors, your TV display must contend with sunlight, weather and fluctuating temperatures. Look for TV displays created to remain outdoors year-round and withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. If you can, choose a shaded or partially shaded area to mount your screen. If that’s not an option, look for a screen designed to show clear, glare-free picture in direct sunlight.

Today, many brands offer made-for-outdoors TVs with 4K resolution for vivid, clear picture quality.    

3. Expand Your Wi-Fi Coverage 

Most likely, the router you have inside doesn’t extend strong Wi-Fi signals much further than the perimeter of your house, and it certainly won’t cover your entire backyard or patio space. Consider installing one or more (depending on the size of your area) wireless access points in your backward, so that you can access streaming music and video services without interruptions.

There are several options on the market — make sure you choose one for outdoor use with a casing designed to hold up against water, dust, dirt and lightning strikes.

4. Integrate Outdoor AV With Home Automation

If you already have home automation with distributed audio and video, you can absolutely integrate your outdoor equipment with your existing system. If you’re listening to music in the living room, tap one button on your smartphone app or tablet to send the music outside so you can relax by the pool. 

Outdoor audio and video aren’t the only systems you can integrate with your automation platform. Make your backyard or patio even more comfortable with one-touch control of smart lighting, automated awnings or shades and a smart hot tub. 

5. Hire a Professional Integrator 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the tips listed above, then it’s time to call your professional integrator. An integrator can help you design the right-sized speaker setup for your space, install complex wiring for amplifiers, receivers and other connections and integrate all your outdoor equipment with your home automation platform. 

At Argenta Solutions, our techs have years of experience designing custom outdoor solutions for different spaces, budgets and preferences. We also have in-depth knowledge to advise you on product selection and placement.


Let’s discuss your upcoming project and help you get set up with outdoor entertainment in time for summer fun in Salt Lake City, UT. Give us a call at 801-996-3146, fill out a contact form or use the live chat on this page to speak with a representative now.


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