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A Control 4 Dealer Enhances How You Live, Work And Play

A media room with a flatscreen TV showing a Cotrol4 interface.

Discover How Premier Home Automation Adds Luxury And Convenience To Your Life

When it comes to home automation, we often focus on experiences like a home theater or high-end audio. While these immersive elements are essential, the ability to simplify your home and lifestyle has the most impact.  

As a Control4 dealer, our smart home designs are founded on the idea that the little things that bring us comfort are just as important. A space that fosters balance, wellness, and a more relaxed state of mind allows you to live brilliantly.  

Continue reading below to find out how your Salt Lake City, UT, home can be more welcoming with the right technology in place. 

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Inspiring Illumination 

The look of your home is essential. The decor and how the rooms flow together influences your state of mind. The lighting system you use dramatically affects perspective, emotions, and sense of space. Control4 lighting provides the power to create the right ambiance, set the mood, or add a touch of excitement to the whole home. 

Keeping the inside environment just right requires a control system that understands you, adjusting the illumination throughout the day automatically. A home that allows you to transform your spaces lets you focus on being creative, saves energy, relieves stress, and keeps you happier. 

Preservation And Protection 

The light streaming through your windows adds vibrancy that the human body craves. Natural sunlight stimulates the production of natural hormones and vitamins, which make you more energized. Just as we can become sunburned or sick from too much direct sun exposure, so too your home needs to be protected.  

When connected to elegant keypads or the Control4 automation, motorized blinds move to let in just the right amount of light. The sunlight filtered through the UV-resistant materials protects your fine artwork, rugs, and furniture from fading, burns, and discoloration. 

Your home should be a sanctuary for mind and body, where you dictate who can see in and when. Smart window treatments give you the power to set the right level of privacy, lowering when you start a movie or settle in for a good night’s sleep.  

Invigorate The Senses

Your luxury home offers many conveniences, taking care of daily routines and ensuring comfort. After a day of hard work, a spa transports you into another realm, where soothing sounds surround you, and water melts away the stress.  

With a simple swipe of a touch panel or with your voice, fill the room with mellow music, start the hot tub, and set just the right color light. As you immerse yourself in the warm water, adjust the jets to massage sore muscles and bring your mind into a calmer and quieter space. 

Your Lifestyle, Your Choice   

A Control4 home keeps you comfortable and protected. Are you ready to enhance your lifestyle? Start the conversation or book a visit to our certified showroom by calling us at 801.996.3146 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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