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Best Product and Installation Practices for Your Outdoor Audio


Install Origin Acoustics’ Ambisonic Speakers for the Ultimate Outdoor Music System

In Salt Lake City, we’re fortunate to enjoy some of the best outdoor recreation and natural views in the nation. The Active Times ranked us one of the best cities for outdoor enthusiasts. When you consider that we’re also known for our prolific local music scene, it’s no wonder that more of our residents combine the great outdoors and music by installing top-grade outdoor speakers in Salt Lake City, UT, creating a backyard sound system that rivals the Red Butte Amphitheatre.

Yes, it is possible to create concert-grade sound in your backyard. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.

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Start With the Best Product

As with most creations in life, it takes a great foundation and high-quality product to produce the best results. For your outdoor audio, you have to start with the backbone of a successful backyard audio system, the best-in-class outdoor speakers. They need to be built to weather the storms, snow, dirt, and insects, and be produced to overcome the challenges of outdoor audio, including high ambient or competing noise as well as dissipating sound energy.

At Argenta, we’ve found one of the best outdoor speakers is Origin Acoustic’s brand Ambisonic.

Ambisonic Systems started in professional audio, creating outstanding sound for top venues, theaters, and concert halls worldwide. Then, they built their first residential speaker, the Landscape Ribbon Six (LSR6).

The LSR6 loudspeaker is the brand’s outdoor pro-luxury speaker. Their outdoor audio solutions include custom soundbars, triple-bandpass in-ground subwoofers, and weatherized line arrays.

Proceed With the Best Installation

Now that you have best-in-class speakers, you have to determine where to place them. This part of backyard audio is as important as the first. The best product can’t perform its magic if it’s ill-placed.

Outside sound follows the inverse square law. This means that when the distance from the sound source is doubled, the output drops by 6dB or reduces the sound level by about 25%. What this means for your backyard audio is that if someone is over 20 feet away from the speakers, they will barely be able to hear the music. Likewise, if you turn it up, people just 6 feet away will have a hard time carrying on a conversation. The solution to this outdoor effect is strategically placing multiple speakers throughout the space, covering the perimeter and pointing the speakers back toward the home.

 Of course, we’re still missing something—the booming bass that makes us feel the music. A few powerful in-ground subwoofers will take care of this essential part of outdoor audio entertainment.

With good product and placement, you’ll end up with the kind of outdoor audio that surrounds you. Whether you’re in the garden, pool, or patio, the sound will fill the space as if coming from the trees, the home, and the sky. Because of the importance of placement and installation, Ambisonic Systems loudspeakers are only available through select professional audio-video integrators.

Follow Up with Continuing Support

At Argenta, we form long-term relationships with our clients and are proud of our best-in-class service and life-long support. We're committed to ensuring our clients truly enjoy their homes by deploying the latest in ultimate luxury technology. For a complimentary consultation, call Argenta today.  

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