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Lutron and the Future of Lighting Control

A kitchen featuring Lutron lights and motorized shades. 

The Impact of Lighting Control Systems in Your Smart Home

Lutron is the leading brand in smart lighting control and motorized shades, working with a select group of dealers to bring their products to smart homes across the US. At Argenta, we have been installing state-of-the-art lighting control systems in Salt Lake City, UT, for years. Through our continuous commitment, we were recently presented with the 2022 Lutron Diamond Dealer award. 

Read on to learn what Lutron can do for your smart home and how our certified installers and integrators will give you the most out of every lighting control system. 

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The Future of Lighting Control Systems 

The Lutron app, smart switches, dimmers, and interfaces make for a comprehensive solution to all your lighting control needs. Among their next-generation products, the RadioRA3 control system includes smart dim bars and a PoE-powered, all-in-one processor, which controls up to 200 devices through an easy-to-use, app-based interface. 

There are other options if you are not ready to jump head-first into the latest technology. For example, the Caseta lighting system offers multiple features to make the most out of the lights in your smart home. The Sunset Tracker feature turns lights on and off to match outside light conditions, automatically adjusting to seasonal changes and daylight savings. The geofencing feature tracks you through the Lutron app, so your lights are on when you arrive home and turn off after you leave. Or, when you’re not home, you can create a “mockupancy”  setting that randomly turns lights on and off to create the impression that someone is there.

To get a glimpse into the future of lighting control, take a look at Ketra, Lutron’s latest acquisition and the leading experts in human-centric lighting design. Ketra’s line of tunable lights, which mimic the hues and temperatures of natural sunlight, has direct benefits for your health, productivity, and sleep cycles. 

Smart, Automated, Motorized Shades

Beyond lighting control, Lutron engineers and designs advanced, smart, and aesthetically pleasing motorized shades. Their Palladiom shades have long been the industry standard and are essential for climate control, privacy, and protecting your home and furniture against UV damage. When integrated with other technology systems, these smart shades are the perfect addition to a home theater or media room, ensuring optimal light conditions at any time of day. 

A professionally installed lighting control system brings many benefits to homeowners and their families, and with our help, we could bring your own home into the future. Contact us so we can get started. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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