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Luxury Theater Seating Brings Beauty, Comfort, and Enjoyment to Your Home Theater


Consider the Different Types of Seating for Your Luxury Home Theater

Are you considering a home theater for your Park City, UT home? Have you been surfing the internet and Pinterest, looking at the many designs and seating arrangements for your dream cinema?

One of the many decisions you’ll be faced with is the design of your room. Modern, eclectic, or old-world, your seating will play a major role in the ultimate aesthetics. Let’s look at the many choices in luxury theater seating for your custom home theater.

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The Types of Theater Seating

There is an incredible array of luxury seating options, from multi-row split seating to loveseats, sofas, and recliners. In addition to the type of seating, you'll also need to consider the material. Does your space call for the warm leather look or the comfy plush suede feel?

Most seats also offer additional features, like LED ambient lighting, making it easy to find your way during a snack break or place your cup in the holder. Some even provide in-arm hidden storage. So, let's narrow down your choices by digging a little deeper into home theater options.  

Home Theater Recliners

Recliners give each person their own space. Some come with heat and massage features, compartments to hold drinks and food, and even USB ports for charging smart devices. Take a look at your home theater space and imagine reclining chairs throughout the room. How many could you fit, and how will the number affect the design layout?

Home Theater Sectionals & Theater Beds

Home theater sectionals, couches big enough for two, and theater beds are for those interested in ultimate relaxation. Do you like to lie down under a big cozy blanket on movie night? Are you considering a media room designed for game night as well as movie night? If so, this type of luxury theater seating may be for you.

Multi-Row Split Seating

If you have lots of space, multi-row seats are a strong consideration. Tiered row seating offers a cinematic viewing experience that closely resembles the traditional theater.

Custom Designed

No matter your choice in style, custom-designed seating allows you to visualize your perfect home theater chair and then create it. Choose the type of backrest, arms, trim, layout, color, and kind of leather. Customized design means a precise, perfect fit for your theater room.


Your designs don’t have to be all or nothing. Some beautiful home theaters are made up of reclining leather chairs and big suede couches. Consider recliners in the back row and sofa-style seating in the front.


Whatever type of design you choose, comfort is one of the most important features. Consider choosing ergonomically designed seats. Some manufacturers work with healthcare specialists such as chiropractors to optimize comfort during the movie-watching experience.  

At Argenta, our expert designers and integrators create unique, customized home theater systems for our clients. We take the time to understand your vision so that we can design and install seating, acoustics, and equipment that exceeds your expectations. It’s one of the many reasons we gain life-long customers that turn to us to provide all of their automated and entertainment solutions.

To learn more about custom home theater design or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Argenta today.  

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