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Improve Your Home Theater Experience With Home Automation

Relax and watch movies while your automation system does all the work to create the perfect viewing environment 

Think about the convenience of going to the movie theaters: you walk in, find your seat and relax until the movie starts playing. You don’t need to do a single thing — the audio/video, lighting, seating and more are already set up to present a great viewing experience.

What if we told you that you could achieve the same effect at home in a dedicated theater? Home theater systems integrated with home automation allow you to create and control your ideal environment with only a few button taps.

The purpose of your home theater is to deliver a relaxing and luxurious movie experience — so let home automation do the work for you! Keep reading to learn how to gain maximum enjoyment with minimum effort in your Park City, UT, theater. 

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All-in-One Access

With an automation system like Control4, you can access and manage all home theater components on one smart device, like a smartphone, tablet or the Neeo universal remote. That means you can power up your sound system and screen, browse content, adjust the volume, turn out the lights and press play from your smartphone while you’re reclining in a plush theater seat.

In fact, you can control any element of your smart home from the Control4 app on your smartphone or tablet. If you feel stuffy and warm mid-movie, access your smart thermostat from your phone to adjust the temperature without getting up or pausing the movie. If someone rings the doorbell, your smart security system will alert you that someone’s at the door. You can pull up the live-stream surveillance on your phone to see who it is and decide if you need to get up. And if someone needs to use the bathroom during the film, you can press one button to activate soft strip lighting in the walkways and a hallway light outside to provide illumination without disturbing other guests.

Custom Automated Scenes

Control your home theater environment with even more ease by building custom automated scenes in your Control4 account. Automated scenes trigger actions from multiple smart devices when you press one command button, which means you can create the environment you want within seconds. 

For example, a “Play Movie” scene will unroll your projector screen, power up the sound system, automatically adjust the volume to your preferred setting and slowly dim the overhead lights as the movie begins. An “Intermission” scene will pause the film and activate soft, recessed in-wall lighting while you stretch and get a snack. And finally, a “Shutdown” scene will power down all equipment and lights in your theater as you leave.    

At Argenta, we specialize in designing, installing and fully integrating custom home theater systems for residents in Park City, UT, and the surrounding areas. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your space! Call us at 801-996-3146 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. You can also reach out through the live chat box on our website!

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