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Integrate Motorized Blinds With These 3 Smart Home Systems


Get the most usability from your shades by integrating them with other smart home functions

If you already have motorized blinds at home or have considered purchasing them, you may already know some of their primary benefits. Smart shading solutions improve light control, energy efficiency, privacy, and interior design in your Park City, UT, home.

But did you know that motorized shades can do so much more? When integrated with other home smart systems, automated window treatments add to your comfort, convenience, and security. Keep reading to learn three smart home systems that are significantly improved by smart shading additions. 

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By themselves, motorized window shades and a smart climate system are fantastic tools to help you control your home’s temperature. Combined, these two smart systems are energy-saving powerhouses. When the inside climate fluctuates, your smart thermostat will search for more energy-efficient methods to cool or warm the house instead of automatically kicking on your HVAC system. When you have motorized shades, your thermostat can instruct them to open or close to regulate the temperature inside your home naturally. You’ll lower your energy consumption from the HVAC system, which translates to money saved on future electric bills.

Media Room

Many people don’t consider shading solutions when designing a media room or entertainment space. But if your media setup is in a living room or den, consider how sunlight, glare, a bright streetlight, or even lightning flashes from a storm could affect your movie-watching or video game experience. Motorized shades ensure that you have perfect control of your lighting on family movie night or game day. When you integrate blinds with your AV installation, all you have to do is tap your “Watch Movie” setting, and the shades will close as your movie or TV show begins.

Integrated smart shades are also an amazing light control solution in other rooms where you consume media, like your bedroom or even a home office, so that glare doesn’t ruin your video conference meeting.    


Motorized blinds are a great addition to your home security system. You worry about locking the doors, turning on the alarm, and closing the garage when you leave the house — but you should also worry about closing all the blinds to ensure nobody is peeking into your home. Luckily, with integrated security and shading systems, you can secure your home with one button tap and have peace of mind going about your day. When you’re leaving for work in the morning, simply tap your “Away” setting on a keypad or smartphone to activate the alarm, lock the doors and roll down all the blinds in the house.

At Argenta, we can integrate motorized blinds with your other smart home systems or even install a whole-home automation system. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can accomplish with your window shades! Call us or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation with our experts.

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