Transform Your Home Environment With Tunable Lighting Solutions


Tunable lighting promotes comfort and well-being in your living spaces

Light affects more than what we see — it also affects how we feel, how we function during the day, and how we rest at night. Dynamic, tunable lighting solutions optimize the lighting in your home spaces to create comfortable environments for working, exercising, spending time with family, enjoying personal care time, and unwinding before bed. 

Your life isn’t static and uniform, and your lighting shouldn’t be either. Keep reading to learn more about tunable lighting and how to use it in your Park City, UT home.  

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Reap the Benefits of Natural Light Indoors

Our perceptions of natural light’s color and brightness are determined by a measurement called correlated color temperature (CCT). CCT — measured in Kelvin — refers to a light’s color temperature. Warm white lighting (think candlelight and firelight) radiates soft orange and yellow hues, while cool white lighting (think daylight) emits bright, blue-toned hues.

Tunable lighting technology allows artificial LED bulbs to change CCT output and mimic natural light sources’ hues, brightness, and intensity. Tunable lighting bulbs typically range from 1800K (candlelight) to 6500K (daylight). At home, you can adjust tunable lighting to reflect any natural light — candlelight, firelight, moonlight, a rising or setting sun, starlight, and full sunlight.

Research shows that natural light has a profound effect on our well-being. Natural light exposure can help regulate your mood, improve alertness and focus, ward off depression, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and sleep better at night. A tunable lighting solution in your home helps you reap some of the wellness benefits of natural light even when you can’t be outside.

Build Lighting Scenes to Match Your Day

With a tunable lighting control system, you can build custom lighting scenes that align with your daily routines. In the morning, start your kitchen and living room lights on a warm setting that brightens slowly as you feel more awake. While working in the home office, shine your overhead lights at a cool, bright setting that promotes focus and productivity. Before bed, set the bedside lamps to a warm, candlelit glow while you wind down to sleep. If you’re hosting a dinner party, bathe the dining room in warmer, amber hues that facilitate comfort, coziness, and close conversation.

Have Custom Control in the Palm of Your Hand

With a whole-home lighting control system, it’s easy to adjust the lighting in a single room or throughout the whole house with the press of a button. Create and save lighting scenes for “Wake Up,” “Game Night,” “Dinner,” “Reading,” “Bedtime,” and more, and activate them with a single tap on a smartphone or tablet. Or use a voice assistant to instantly set a room’s ambiance with a single verbal command.

Are you ready to upgrade your Park City, UT home with tunable lighting? Contact Argenta to learn more about Ketra by Lutron, a leading human-centric lighting system. Call us, fill out an online form, or reach out via live chat on our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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