3 Signs That It’s Time for a Home Network Upgrade


Be on the lookout for warnings that your network is on its last leg and needs help

In today’s connected world, losing Wi-Fi signal can be devastating. If you’re reliant on your home network for work, school, smart technology, home entertainment, security, or all of the above, it pays to invest in network care and upgrades.

How do you know it’s time to upgrade your home network installation in Salt Lake City, UT? You may be due for network maintenance if you’re experiencing one or more of the three following issues.


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1. Crawling Connections

The problem. Uploads and downloads take longer than average, whether you’re trying to download documents you need for work or your child is downloading a new computer game to the desktop. You’re also experiencing slow connections while browsing the internet, which is hampering your normal web activities.

What’s causing it? The problem may be your home router. If you have an older router, it may not have the processing and memory capabilities to keep up with new technologies and multiple connected devices.

The solution. Consult with the professionals at Argenta to learn more about modern routers that have the high-performance processing, traffic management and security features that you need in your connected home.   

2. Dead Zones

The problem. You’re trying to get some work done on a Sunday afternoon. When the kids pile into the living room to watch a movie, you take your laptop to the kitchen….only to instantly experience weak signals and Wi-Fi that drops in and out. You’ve noticed a few other areas around the house where this happens, especially as you move further away from the router in the living room.

What’s causing it? A single home router may not have the power and range to provide coverage to your entire house.

The solution. One solution is to supplement your router with one or more wireless access points around your home. Wireless access points can be completely wireless or directly connected to your router with an ethernet cable. Access points expand the Wi-Fi range and allow you to move from room to room without losing connection.

3. Glitchy Video

The problem. The kids are excited to Zoom their grandparents today. But excitement quickly bleeds over into frustration as the video lags, glitches and freezes several times. And forget about trying to do anything else on the network during a video call — the whole system wheezes to a near-halt when you’re using a videoconferencing platform.

What’s causing it? Video eats up a lot of bandwidth. Your current home network may not have the bandwidth necessary to manage video streaming along with the needs of other connected devices, especially when multiple devices are in use at once.

The solution. It’s time for a complete home network evaluation. Let the experts at Argenta test your current solution and make recommendations for improved bandwidth, speed, reliability, and security. We’ll make sure you have the network infrastructure you need for work, school, and play.

Let’s work together to ensure your Salt Lake City, UT, home network installation is ready for any challenge up ahead. Call us at 801-996-3146 or fill out a contact form so we can get back to you. If you’d like to chat with a representative right now, we offer live chat using the chatbox in the righthand corner of your screen.

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