Why Now Is the Time to Upgrade and Strengthen Your Home Network


Are you spending more time at home these days? Make sure your home network can keep up. 

As we continue to shelter at home in Park City, UT, and limit our time spent in public, your home network is a crucial link to loved ones, your job and the world at large. Today, the digital world plays an even more essential role in the ways we work, play and live.

Now is the right time to evaluate your home network installation and make sure it is robust, secure and flexible enough to support your household’s needs. If you haven’t made necessary upgrades to your network yet, here are 3 reasons to encourage you to act now.   

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1. You’re Relying on Your Network for Home Automation

Your connected smart home is even more important now to help you and your family navigate days spent at home. Whole-home audio video allows your oldest child to watch video assignments for school in the dining room while your youngest watches a Netflix movie in the family room. Centralized control allows each family member to use an app on their smartphone or tablet to adjust the lighting, climate and window treatments in their area.

Your network powers your home automation. Argenta Solutions can offer wired and wireless connectivity for all your devices, high-speed and reliable network infrastructure and expanded bandwidth to ensure your AV, lighting, climate and other smart systems function at their highest performance. We can also install first-class security features that will protect your connected devices from being accessed by hackers.  

2. You’re Managing More Transactions on Your Home Network

With many stores and institutions still closed, you’re probably managing personal transactions from home. You may be using the internet to make purchases, buy groceries and supplies, conduct online banking and refill prescriptions. While these activities keep you and your family safe at home, they leave you vulnerable to hacking and identity theft if you don’t have a strong, protected network for safe transactions. 

Hackers who infiltrate your network can steal account passwords, intercept personal data during transmissions and gain access to your banking information. They can also drop damaging viruses and malware onto your network.

At Argenta Solutions, we offer first-class home network security with firewalls, VPNs and encryptions in every installation. We also provide remote monitoring and diagnostic services to ensure your network is always safe and running smoothly. 

3. You’re Working From Home Full-Time 

Even at home, you need to be prepared to bring the same level of dedication and efficiency to your job as you did in the office. And there’s nothing that hinders communications and slows progress like spotty Wi-Fi connections and dropped or lagging video calls. 

Argenta Solutions can set up wireless access points throughout your home to expand reliable, fast wireless coverage so you can work from any room in the house. If you have a dedicated home office, we can also integrate video conferencing equipment to optimize business communications. All our home network installations come with advanced security features so that you can feel secure handling sensitive company documents at home.


Let’s work together to ensure your Park City, UT, home is ready for whatever tomorrow brings. Call us at 801-996-3146 or fill out a contact form so we can get back to you. If you’d like to chat with a representative right now, we offer live chat using the chat box in the righthand corner of your screen.


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