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3 Spaces to Include in Your Whole Home Audio Setup


With whole home audio, listen to music anywhere you want at home — including these 3 rooms!

Multi-room music is a gift to everyone in your family. With a whole home audio system, all your music is processed and distributed from a single receiver that you can easily tuck away in a spare closet. You can access and manage all your audio sources — streaming services, CDs, music libraries, vinyl records, audiobooks and podcasts — from a centralized platform on your smartphone or touchscreen tablet and send music to any room in your home.

At Argenta, we’ll handle installing your centralized audio system and calibrating your system to deliver high-fidelity performance throughout your Salt Lake City home. All you need to do is decide where you want speakers. Now, you probably already know that you want music in the living room and bedrooms. But have you considered every space in your home? Keep reading to learn three places you shouldn’t neglect! 


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The Kitchen

Brighten up date night with your spouse and baking adventures with the kids with unlimited music in the kitchen. At Argenta, we’ll install in-ceiling or in-wall speakers that won’t create extra clutter on the counter or run the risk of being hit by flying brownie batter. All you have to do is pull out your smartphone or tablet and hit play on the music selection you want.

During the winter months, blast upbeat holiday CDs while you and the kids bake holiday goodies. Or hit play on your romantic Spotify playlist while you and your spouse prepare dinner. When it’s time to move into the candle-lit dining room to eat, you won’t need to disrupt the mood. Simply press a button on your smartphone to send the music over to your dining room speakers.  


The Bathroom

How does it sound getting pumped for work with an energizing playlist in the shower or unwinding after a long day with a fresh chapter from your audiobook in a warm bath? Well, from a little Bluetooth speaker or your smartphone, it probably doesn’t sound that great. But how about from in-wall or in-ceiling speakers installed in the bathroom?

At Argenta, we’ll install speakers that deliver crisp, high-quality audio over the sounds of running water and are built to withstand steam and water from the bathroom. All you have to do is hit play from your smartphone or tablet, grab that shampoo bottle microphone, and instantly become the star of your own live performance.


A Home Office

Working remotely out of a home office is a new reality for many people this year. Make the experience better by introducing whole home audio in your office. We can install in-wall, in-ceiling or bookshelf speakers so you can sink into the work zone with early morning radio talk shows (if you really miss that long commute), a Pandora playlist or even a podcast.

Aside from adding enjoyment to the daily work grind, multi-room music is a great investment if your entire household is working or attending virtual school at home. You, your spouse and kids can all listen to different music in your respective areas. It can be challenging to work and complete assignments with other people nearby, but turning on music can help you shut out other distractions and focus on the tasks at hand.  


We can help make your dream home a reality. Contact us at 801-996-3146 or fill out our contact form to discuss upcoming home technology projects for your Utah home. 


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