Selecting Your Custom Home Theater and Home Technology Company

If you’ve decided you want to install a home theater in your home, but you know you can’t do it yourself, who are you going to call? There are a lot of home theater experts and a lot of home automation companies out there. Many of them offer the same things, their pricing will all be about the same, and almost all of them sell very similar equipment. But creating a home theater goes beyond installation and pricing. When you choose a home theater expert, you want to choose one who brings the best service to the table.

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Finding the Best Hubs for Home Automation and Smart Homes


Up until a few years ago, living in a smart home was a thing of the future. Smart homes were seen in movies like Tony Stark’s mansion in Iron Man, or the cartoon TV series The Jetsons. Now, there’s so much smart home tech available you can get it anywhere from Walmart to Amazon. All of these smart devices, lights, thermostats, cameras, doorbell cameras, flood sensors, robot vacuum cleaners and more are controllable from your smartphone or with your voice. As different as all these devices are, they all have one thing in common. They need a smart home hub to control them.

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What is a “Smart Home”? Is it the same as an Automated Home?

We live in a world of smart devices. Smartphones, smart watches, and now our homes are becoming smart. But what exactly is a smart home? Is a smart home an automated home? What is an automated home?

A smart home is a home that has lighting, electronics, heating, and other devices that can be controlled remotely by a smartphone or computer. Having a smart home can add peace of mind and a lot of convenience.

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The Truth About Wireless Speakers: Can It Be Totally Wireless?

Did you know that the first wireless speaker was invented in 1969? Okay, not really. But in 1969, a hot piece of tech hit the market that allowed people to take their music with them, wherever they went. I’m talking about the boombox (if you’re not sure what a boombox is, ask your parents or grandparents). Philips Electronics created the first boombox, a portable, radio and cassette player with two speakers. They reached their peak popularity in the 80’s, blasting Madonna, Michael Jackson, Queen, U2, Elton John, AC/DC and more.

This revolutionary invention brought music sharing to a whole new level and began turning the world of personal music on it’s head. Now, we have dozens of options for playing music in a truly wireless situation. Wireless speakers come in all shapes and sizes and connect to most devices via Bluetooth. When you’re at home, in the car, at work, or the gym, it’s easy to pull out your phone and connect it to a wireless speaker and share the music you love with whoever will listen.

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