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Enhance Your Life with a Professionally Installed Smart Home System

Front view of luxury home with well manicured lawn and tasteful landscaping.

Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Working with a Premier AV Integrator  

A smart home system offers you the convenience and luxury of living spaces personalized to your lifestyle. Whether experiencing the thrill of a home theater or enjoying the perfect temperature throughout your home, you need a professional home automation installer.  

Rather than struggling with a piecemeal system or relying on insecure over-the-counter IoT devices, you deserve an integrated whole-home platform. Our expert team at Argenta furnishes your home with an individualized, flexible, and comprehensive ecosystem focused on you. 

Do the possibilities for your Salt Lake City, UT, luxury home have you intrigued? Keep reading to learn more. 

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Personalized Environments 

While your house has spaces dedicated to specific purposes, an intelligent system views it as one interrelated environment. The conditions on one side directly impact other rooms and your family's interactions. 

Before any work is done or a proposal is offered, we assess your home's elements and the surrounding nature to develop a design that keeps you in perfect comfort, invigorates your health, and inspires you daily. 

Illumination That Enlightens 

Lighting is an often-overlooked component of daily living; incorporating elements of vision and vitality makes your home come to life. Through human-centric lighting, you have not only light for tasks but also fixtures that connect you with the natural cycle of the day. By balancing circadian rhythms, everyone sleeps deeper, improving happiness and health over time. 

Motorized shades highlight a room with world-class textiles and controls that give you the power to manage the type of light that enters a space. Whether connected to thermostats, external sensors, or the app, you save on energy and protect valuable furniture and artwork while at home or away. 

Music and Movies That Enthrall

Entertainment is an essential part of modern living. The movies and music we love relieve stress, stimulate creativity, and encourage shared family moments, indoors and out. 

Our whole-home system gives you the unparalleled experience of watching movies in 4K ultra-high definition and the multi-dimensional sound field in any room. Seamlessly access content from around the world with the swipe of a finger or the sound of your voice.

Reveling in audiophile-quality audio does not always mean crafting a dedicated listening room. Self-calibrating speakers for your living spaces fade from view with recessed, adjustable drivers that sit behind paintable grills. 

Beautiful Living Spaces 

We are passionate about creating the smart home of your dreams, where every need and desire center around your family lifestyle. Are you ready to elevate how you live, work, and play? Call us at (801) 996-3146 or fill out our online contact form for a no-obligation quote or to schedule a time in our stunning showroom. We look forward to working with you.  

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