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Experience the Best Home Entertainment with an AV Specialist

A bedroom with picture windows overlooking the mountains and an in-ceiling TV and speakers.

Explore the Many Options in Today's Advanced Audiovisual World

There was a time when home entertainment consisted of TVs and, maybe, a stereo system. Fast forward to today, and you find high-fidelity music and 4K UHD displays in every room. Dedicated home theaters and media rooms deliver the best audiovisual technology available, and outdoor entertainment brings concert-quality sound and stunning images. 

And what about the designated listening room that engulfs you and carries you away to the live soundstage? Yes, there's that, too.

So, where do you start?

That's where Argenta, an automation and AV specialist, comes in. We'll explore numerous possibilities and what would enhance your lives the most. Our systems are customized and scalable, which means we'll begin at the beginning and add on as your needs change and AV technology advances.

Let's explore some of the much sought-after home entertainment options and discover which ones call to you and your Park City, UT, home.

Enhance Your Life with a Professionally Installed Smart Home System

Front view of luxury home with well manicured lawn and tasteful landscaping.

Discover the Beauty and Benefits of Working with a Premier AV Integrator  

A smart home system offers you the convenience and luxury of living spaces personalized to your lifestyle. Whether experiencing the thrill of a home theater or enjoying the perfect temperature throughout your home, you need a professional home automation installer.  

Rather than struggling with a piecemeal system or relying on insecure over-the-counter IoT devices, you deserve an integrated whole-home platform. Our expert team at Argenta furnishes your home with an individualized, flexible, and comprehensive ecosystem focused on you. 

Do the possibilities for your Salt Lake City, UT, luxury home have you intrigued? Keep reading to learn more. 

Why You Should Trust A Professional With Your Smart Home

A sophisticated living room with high cathedral ceilings and modern minimalist decor.

Learn Why ARGENTA Is The Region's Most Trusted Purveyor Of Smart Technologies and Entertainment Systems 

When it comes to creating a home that suits the way you live, work, and play, there are many options. We provide professional, smart home technology that furnishes you with comfort and convenience today and into the future. 

The team at Argenta is recognized as one of the region's premier integrators; our goal is to meet your expectations and exceed them at every level. 

Do the possibilities for a smarter Park City, UT home intrigue you? Continue reading below to find out more. 

Have a More Entertaining Home by Working with an AV Specialist

A living room decorated in sophisticated tones of brown and gray with sunlight illuminating the furnishings.

Explore How Working with Our Certified Team of Expert Designers and Installers Transforms Your Rooms

Music and movies are essential components of home life. The mediums create moments of inspiration and motivation and soothe the soul during stressful times. Your luxury home deserves an entertainment system designed by a certified AV Specialist, exceeding your expectations at every turn. 

Whether you want to pump up the energy in the game room, rock out your backyard BBQ, or connect with the family watching 90’s rom-coms, an Argenta system delivers an unparalleled experience. Revel in the highest quality audio and video while streaming media worldwide. 

Are you curious about the possibilities in your Park City, UT home? Keep reading to explore more. 


Beautiful luxury home in the evening with a mountain in the background.


Intelligent home technology furnishes you with the luxury and convenience of an environment personalized to your lifestyle. We make your dreams come true, whether experiencing the thrill of movies in a home theater, always having the perfect temperature inside, or creating the ultimate outdoor entertainment space. 

You deserve an integrated whole-home platform rather than attempt to piecemeal a system or rely on insecure over-the-counter IoT devices. With the team at Argenta, you get a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable smart home system that meets your needs and desires. 

Do the possibilities for your Salt Lake City, UT, home intrigue you? Keep reading below to learn more.

Add New Dimensions to Your Viewing Experience


The Latest Innovations in Surround Sound Technology Immerse You in The Movies and Music You Love

The quest to add sound to movies goes as far back as its early days; Edison and the infamous Muybridge looked to combine their technologies for rudimentary playback. Since the release of the first ‘talkie’ film, The Jazz Singer, in 1927, directors and cinematographers have sought to extend its power beyond voice and sound effects. 

The latest innovations in surround sound systems and distribution create environments that become characters in themselves. The groundbreaking director, writer, and actor, Larry Fessenden, evokes this ethos, saying, “Sound and sound design has always been very important to my approach to film because it is a more subversive and allusive aspect of the medium.”

 Are you looking to enhance the way you watch and listen in your Park City, UT home? Continue reading below to learn more. 

Luxury Theater Seating Brings Beauty, Comfort, and Enjoyment to Your Home Theater


Consider the Different Types of Seating for Your Luxury Home Theater

Are you considering a home theater for your Park City, UT home? Have you been surfing the internet and Pinterest, looking at the many designs and seating arrangements for your dream cinema?

One of the many decisions you’ll be faced with is the design of your room. Modern, eclectic, or old-world, your seating will play a major role in the ultimate aesthetics. Let’s look at the many choices in luxury theater seating for your custom home theater.

Enhance Your Home Entertainment with These Smart Home Platforms


Enjoy More of the Movies and Music You Love with AV Services by Control4 and Savant.

Movies and music hold a special place in our lives; they motivate and move us in ways other art forms cannot. A smart home offers unique and superior ways to access and enjoy the content that gives you comfort and inspiration.

Motion pictures are the premier form of entertainment. In just over 100 years of their existence, the stories, stars, and sounds have come to dominate our cultural landscape.

Music is an integral part of our human nature, and it reaches every region of the brain. With connections this deep, you should demand AV services that respect this legacy while exceeding your high expectations.

Are you ready for a better way to experience content in your Park City, UT home? Continue reading below to find out more.




A smart home offers you the luxury and convenience of a house that conforms and responds to your lifestyle and needs. Home automation goes beyond pressing a button on a touch screen or mobile app to turn on your television or lights. While there are many over-the-counter solutions available to you, none of them give you complete control.

Your home's collection of climate control, entertainment, and lighting systems is a complex ecosystem. While these internet of things (IoT) devices may be fun to toy with, you need a system that understands how each day brings a new set of needs. As a Control4 dealer, we are experts in creating a home that can make you healthier, happier, and more comfortable.

Are you ready to make your Park City, UT home become an extension of you? Keep reading below to learn how.

The Importance of Seating in a Custom Home Theater Design


The right luxury theater seating has a significant impact on your viewing experience and overall comfort

When it comes to home theater design, seating is more crucial than many realize. It’s not just an accessory or aesthetic element — seating layout drastically affects the type of viewing experience you have. And just as importantly, the kind of seating you have affects how comfortable you are in your dedicated space. Hard or uncomfortable chairs can pull you out of the experience and take the enjoyment out of using your home theater.

We recommend including luxury theater seating with your home theater installation. When you hire Argenta to build the theater of your dreams in Salt Lake City, UT, we’ll give you great custom seating solutions that will take your comfort and enjoyment to the next level. Keep reading to learn more about why seating is a key element in home theaters!


3 Worthwhile AV Solutions to Have in Your Home


With a few smart upgrades, you can optimize the audio and video in every room

Now is the time to make smart home investments in your Park City, UT, house. Advancements in technology have made it possible to automate everything from energy-efficient thermostats that adjust temperatures based on the weather outside to multiroom lighting systems that respond to voice commands.

At Argenta Solutions, we believe that high-quality audio and video systems are a great starting point for upgrading your home with smart technology. You probably use audio and video equipment in almost every room of your house — watching Netflix shows in the living room, catching up on the day’s news shows in the bedroom, and jamming out to your favorite Spotify station while cooking in the kitchen.

Keep reading to learn 3 valuable AV services that will add convenience, luxury and entertainment to your home.  

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