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Home Automation Systems Create a Smarter and Simpler Way to Live

Stylish home automation touch panel mounted in a modern home showing temperature and weather.

Experience the Luxury and Convenience of a System Designed Around Your Needs

Technology is an ever-growing part of our modern lives, with products enhancing our work, play, and lifestyle. A professionally installed home automation system offers more than idle distractions—it offers the luxury of a home that fits your needs and desires.  

Your home is more than a collection of devices; it is an intimate ecosystem that invigorates, entertains, and sustains you. Your control system should be built as a personalized concierge that utilizes intuitive interfaces and a network of interconnected controls. With the touch of a button, regulate your home’s operation, from heating and cooling to multiroom AV and human-centric lighting.

Are you looking to make your Salt Lake City, UT, home more connected to you? Then continue reading to find out how. 

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Comfort and Energy Savings 

We all know that the weatherman can be wrong sometimes. He forecasts one temperature, but the one that we actually feel is a good degree warmer or cooler. With smart, motorized shades, that’s no problem. Rather than manually adjusting the blinds to accommodate for these unexpected temperatures, the blinds themselves will detect the heat or cold and adjust for you, saving you time, energy, and hassle.

Air quality can have a significant effect on how we feel, and there are days when it makes even your home network appear to slow down. Automated air purification controls work to keep your home crisp and clear, minimizing allergens and mold and making it easier to breathe overall. 

Wellness and Lifestyle

Maintaining a positive outlook while balancing family, work, and personal growth demands can be complicated. A smart home provides the tools to live efficiently and find much-needed solace, especially during the winter. 

You likely chose to live here because of the access to outdoor activities, endless vistas, and clear skies. Regrettably, the cold and short days can drive us indoors for extended hours. The result of less natural light and reduced time in the open air is often a diminished drive and a sense of melancholy. We offer biological light systems, virtual windows, and whole-home audio systems that allow you to regain vigor and soothe the soul any time of the year. 

Upgrade the Way You Live

Are you ready to add the benefits of smarter home automation to your home? At Argenta, we are passionate about bringing convenience and luxury that elevates the way you live. Our team is prepared to answer all your technology questions and provide the expertise you need, so call us at (801) 996-3146 or fill out our contact form online to get the conversation started. We look forward to working with you.  

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