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How Tunable Lighting Can Transform Your Life and Living Space


With Ketra tunable LEDs, your home and wellbeing will never be the same

People need light to work and live. When natural light can’t reach indoor spaces, your next best option is Ketra tunable lighting. While standard light systems may be too harsh, too dull, or too one-dimensional, Ketra tunable lighting takes on a more natural and dynamic approach.

Read on to learn more about why this smart lighting solution is right for your Salt Lake City, UT home.


Lighting Inspired from Nature

Natural light is the best light for energizing spaces, making a home feel more welcome, and elevating interior design. It’s also better for our circadian rhythms and overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to gain the benefits of natural light when you stay indoors most of the time. Traditional lighting systems are one-dimensional and lack the ability to shift in color temperature as sunlight does. The result is often light that’s too cool, too warm, and just plain unappealing. Tunable lighting that adjusts in color temperature and brightness to mimic the hues of the sun is a better option for home aesthetics and your wellness.

For example, if your bedroom doesn’t face the rising sun, you can schedule your Ketra lights in the bedroom to slowly brighten and adjust to about 3000K in color temperature, which is the color temperature of daylight at sunrise. As the day continues, your lighting can slowly shift to a cooler color temperature to match the hue of afternoon light and then warm and dim in the evening to mimic the warm amber hues of the sunset.

Tunable smart home lighting by Ketra dims smoothly from 100% down to 0.1% to provide you with just the right amount of light at any time. From a mobile app, easily dial in the brightness and color temperature that best suits your mood, activity, or the time of day. You can also create lighting scenes that transform your light to personalized settings at the touch of a button.

Aesthetics for Every Home

Bringing the power of natural light indoors with Ketra LEDs can significantly improve your energy levels and help you sleep better at night. But that’s not all! It can also improve the look of your home, too. It’s true: the right light colors and intensities can create unique ambiances and stimulate your senses. Ketra full-spectrum tunable lighting provides you with nearly 17 million shades of colored and white light so you can experiment with warm oranges and reds or cool blues and purples (and more). Change the look and feel of a room in seconds with just light! That’s the power of Ketra tunable lighting. Light can do so much more than you thought possible!

Live Better with Tunable Lighting

Good lighting is important. Contact Argenta Solutions to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how Ketra lighting can transform your home. Fill out our contact form or send us a message in the chat box below to get started!

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