The Value of an Audio Video System for Commercial Organizations


Learn more about our large-scale commercial audio video integration for the Camp Williams military base in Utah 

AV systems aren’t just for home use — Salt Lake City, UT, businesses can reap the benefits of more streamlined communication, training and education from a commercial audio video installation

In November 2019, Argenta Solutions wrapped up an impressive commercial audio video project for Camp Williams, a military training base in Utah. Keep reading to learn more about how we used smart technology to improve communication access and control for an organization that depends on efficient, accessible systems.

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Streamline Your Organization With Commercial Audio Video

For commercial organizations, an integrated audio video system is a valuable tool for improving a workplace’s communication capabilities in the following ways: 

  • Train and educate new hires and members of the organization who learn best through audiovisual demonstrations
  • Facilitate organization-wide video conferencing calls for meetings and communicate organization-wide messages through video or chat
  • Enable video conferencing calls with partner organizations and remote workers around the world
  • Create scalable presentations and training resources for new hires, company members and partners
  • Foster greater collaboration and interaction between members of an organization
  • Implement a company-wide intercom system for fast and effective communication at the touch of a button

A commercial audio video installation is an investment toward future savings on operational costs. Your business can create video training and education resources to streamline the training process for new hires. Additionally, a strong audio video system will accelerate the shift to paperless communication, which is a cost-efficient solution to decrease overhead expenses.

Organizing all your audio video capabilities under one system will also cut down on the time, money and resources it takes to manage and troubleshoot multiple systems.    

Commercial Audio Video in Action: Camp Williams Military Base

In November 2019, Argenta Solutions completed a large-scale commercial project for Camp Williams, a Special Forces and military training base in Utah.

We installed 150-inch Slate screens from Screen Innovations and a Sony 5000 ES 4K projector in 2 large rooms where analysts gather for training and data sharing. Each room seats 32 analysts. We also outfitted each room with Savant’s video tiling solution and integrated control via touch screen. Savant’s flexible, scalable system allows commanders seated in the back of the room to access and display high-resolution video from any of the 32 analysts’ fiber optic feeds in the room. They can pull up one feed at a time or multiple feeds at once.  

We integrated a VoIP system that allows for voice calling, audio and video conferencing, messaging and more, all over a fast, reliable 10-gigabit network. Our goal for this project was to use smart technology to make communication interactive and seamless. Our clients needed a robust system that would allow for swift and coordinated message transmissions as they navigated crucial operations and training on the base.

A note to our customers: We wish we could show you photos of our Camp Williams project, but unfortunately, we can’t at this time, due to confidentiality purposes.

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