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Always Have The Best Seat In The House With Luxury Seating


Luxury Theater Seating Elevates Your Viewing Experience With Convenience And Comfort

A home theater brings the elegance and excitement of the cinema to where you live. Film has an impact on us like no other art form. A private cinema allows you to watch movies in the environment that the director and cinematographer intended. The technology immerses with a spectacular 4K ultra-high-definition video that produces a stunning depth of field and true-to-life colors. The surround sound system creates a multidimensional space that blurs the boundary between fantasy and reality. 

While the technology that goes into reproducing the sound and picture are critical components, how you and your family feel in the space is just as important. Luxury theater seating gives you comfort and flexibility that is unmatched by the highest quality commercial theaters.

Are you ready to make your Salt Lake City, UT movie watching truly experiential and family-friendly?  Read below to find out more! 

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Senses And Sensibility

The shape, size, and construction of the room play fundamental roles in how well you experience your home entertainment. The early movie houses understood that the decor, lighting, architecture, and materials often impact your senses as much, if not more, than the content itself.

Whether you look to recreate the glamour of 1920s theaters or take a more modern minimalist approach, having the luxury of comfort and convenience is essential. Just as you have an individual vision and aesthetic about the look of your space, so too your preferences and needs for seating are unique.

Comfort and Convenience

As a smart home owner, your expectations and requirements for detail are high. You are not just looking to recreate the adventure of the local multiplex but exceed it with features and options that suit your lifestyle. At Argenta, we partner with the leaders in custom cinema seating, handcrafted models that sumptuously cradle you with a variety of models and materials.

A movie is only half the experience without your snacks and the ability to keep tabs on the rest of your home. Our seating options provide areas to store your popcorn, candies, or even a full meal with specialized drinks holders that accommodate soda or wine glasses. You can always be connected with USB ports and power outlets for your smart devices and home automation interfaces. 

Everyone likes to watch shows differently; some prefer to be sitting upright or reclined back, others prefer sitting alone or snuggled up with those closest to them. Your family will always find the perfect spot to enjoy with individual seats, loveseats for two, or sectionals that are just right for wiggly children. 

Be Seated

Are you ready to take your film enjoyment to the next level with custom luxury theater seating? Relax, let the lights dim and revel in the story about to unfold before you.

At Argenta, we specialize in designing, installing, and fully integrating custom home theater systems for Salt Lake City residents, UT, and the surrounding areas. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your space! Call us at 801-996-3146 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

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