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There is nothing else quite like film; it is one of the few mediums we dedicate so many of our senses to enjoy. How the story is framed on-screen directly impacts our connection, and the sound immerses us in the depth and emotions. We have built dedicated temples to view movies, places where we are submerged into the darkness to block all distractions. The director James Gray sums it up nicely: “I ... see cinema as the perfect combination of so many wonderful art forms - painting, photography, music, dance, theater.”  

The cinema experience, gathering together in an isolated space built to enhance a film’s impact, can be had in the home. Installing home theater systems in your Salt Lake City, UT home can match or even surpass the quality of your local commercial cinema.

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The Relevance of the Room

A quality home theater system begins with the room itself. While the space’s visual aspect contributes to an overall feeling, each part adds to the overall impact.  The shape, lighting, and decor all play a role in supplementing the technical and aesthetic aspects. 

Whether your home theater incorporates modern design or is inspired by a more traditional look, the materials matter. Specially designed panels and insulation accentuate sound by reducing reflections and dampening unwanted low-frequency harmonics. The result is crisper and clearer audio from the sound system. The colors and materials also maximize the video projection by framing the image and minimizing errant light bounce.

Lighting brings both the functional need for lights before and after a showing and an accent that supplements the decor and ambiance. The lights can be actuated to automatically dim as the movie starts, rise to a preset when the film is paused, and turn full-on as needed or directed by an alert from the security system.  

The Right Visual

Video is, of course, the most critical aspect of a home theater, for it is where the story will be told. The projector and screen are intimately connected as their interaction determine the quality of the image you see.

The screen shapes what format the video can be presented in and the brightness you receive at the seats. A projector may be capable of high brightness and a high-quality image, but if the screen cannot replicate this to your eyes, the experience is derailed. Many screens are designed to amplify and direct the reflected light in ways that strengthen the video delivery to you. 

A projector is the best choice for a home theater with its ability to generate impressive light output and incredible 4K high-definition video. Many home theater system projectors can produce standard ultra-high-definition images and be adapted to present widescreen formats (such as Cinemascope). With projector settings, anamorphic lenses, and the right screen, an actual movie house video can be achieved.

Sound Sets the Stage

Alfred Hitchcock once stated that a good movie could lose sound, and the audience should still have a perfectly clear idea of where the story is going. Hitchcock’s statement may be true, but sound is the element that envelopes us in the action.

Surround sound connects us further with the dialog from the actor’s direction; subtlety blurs the barrier between screen and seats and sets the emotional stage with music.

A professionally calibrated audio system and a room tuned to intensify the reproduction allow you to hear every nuance from the gentle background whispers to epic Michael Bay explosions. 

Are you looking to know for yourself how a home theater system will fit into your home? Schedule a time in our fully immersive showroom

At Argenta, we specialize in designing, installing, and fully integrating custom home theater systems for Salt Lake City residents, UT, and the surrounding areas. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your space! Call us at 801-996-3146 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

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