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How A Whole Home Speaker System Will Transform Your Home


Whole-Home Audio Delivers Ease of Living and Enjoyment to Homeowners

Do you remember setting up multiple stereo systems in your home? There was one for the office, one for the entertainment space, and one or two for the bedrooms. Each system required wiring up its own set of speakers, amplifiers, and receivers, and every device had its own controller.

Today, with multiroom receivers, amplifiers, and home automation, you can have complete control on one device that plays music throughout your entire home, from corner to corner and beyond. Even better, Argenta’s certified technicians can set up zones so that each family member can choose their audio pleasure, listening through the whole home speaker system until it’s time for dinner and one beautiful sound fills your Salt Lake City, UT home.

Let’s look at how multiroom audio systems work.

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The Makings of Whole Home Audio

You and your family can choose from multiple audio sources, including the many streaming music services, such as Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, Napster, and many more. You can also stream from any audio input and play music from USB storage audio sources, CD players, or your turntable.

All sound systems are connected, which means one family member can enjoy TV audio in the family room while another is listening to their favorite podcast in the office. Still, another is enjoying their audiobook while lounging in the backyard. Each zone can play any source at any sound level or can be synchronized so that the home and yard play one melody. So no matter where you are, high-resolution music and sound accompany you.

Combined With Home Automation

When combined with home automation, ease and enjoyment of living take on a whole new meaning. Our technicians can preset scenes so that one touch on your in-wall touchscreen, keypad, tablet, or smartphone delivers an environment ideally suited for the occasion. For example, an "Entertainment" scene can start your favorite party playlist while dimming the lights to the preset intensity and hue and opening up the shades to reveal a beautifully lit outdoor patio and landscape.

The Speaker Systems that Define High-Performance Audio

Of course, your music system is only as good as the speakers that produce the sound waves. At Argenta, we partner with some of the best-in-class, high-fidelity architectural speaker solutions for indoor, outdoor, and home theater systems. One of these brands is Origin Acoustics.

Origin Acoustics brings you sound as filmmakers and musicians intended—the full experience, from the deep bass to the high-frequency. One of their secrets is their patented MMP technology which allows their loudspeakers to pivot up to 30-degrees, enabling our technicians to direct the sound to the perfect location, despite placement restrictions. In addition, our custom calibration and knowledgeable installation services ensure astonishing clarity, power, and sound quality every time.

Origin Acoustic's in-ceiling three-way loudspeakers create lifelike soundstages, and their 10-inch ceiling woofer offers incredible bass tones. This same brand features in-wall and landscape speakers that deliver the same impressive sound quality. In addition, each of their landscape Bollard loudspeakers includes an in-ground subwoofer, providing unprecedented concert-level sound throughout your yard and garden.

The best news is that the other gear needed to make a multi-room audio system is tucked away inside a closet, leaving your home’s design and aesthetics untouched.

At Argenta, we take pride in the brands we partner with and the best-in-class services we provide our clients. Our dedicated, expert team delivers unprecedented performance, reliability, and ease of use with a commitment to life-long service and upgrades as technology advances. For more information on whole-home audio and automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Argenta today.

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