3 Times You’ll Be Glad to Have an AV Specialist During a Home Theater Installation


The AV experts at Argenta are here to make sure you get the home theater setup of your dreams

A quick search on Pinterest will reveal hundreds of impressive photos under the “DIY home theater” label. What you don’t see behind the end result is the hours of detailed design work, equipment selection, in-wall cabling, calibration, and testing that goes into the process of building a home theater that delivers a truly enthralling movie-watching experience.

Before you start such a massive undertaking in your Park City, UT, home, we recommend consulting an AV specialist like Argenta for help. We have years of experience in the home theater business, and we’re well versed in all the components, considerations, and obstacles that are part of custom theater projects. Keep reading to learn three times you’ll be happy to have an AV specialist by your side during the design-build process.

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During the Design Process

Building a home theater requires more than setting up comfortable seating in front of a large-screen TV or projector screen. To achieve an authentic cinematic experience, consider these design factors:

  • Size and shape. Your theater room’s size and shape play a large role in determining how much seating you can include, how large a display screen should be, and where speakers should be placed to transmit sound evenly.
  • Ideally, your theater room will allow for perfect light control. But if there are ambient light sources — like a window — you’ll need a motorized shading solution to achieve the pitch-black cinematic experience.
  • Is your theater room acoustically isolated from the rest of the house? Or is it adjacent to areas like a kitchen or garage that will lead to sound transmission from running water, the garage door opening and closing, or people walking in and out of the house? If so, you’ll need to soundproof your theater to improve the listening experience.
  • Home theater seating should be arranged so that every seat offers a good viewing angle and a clear, even sound experience.

Luckily, Argenta covers all this and more during our detailed design process. Let us work with you to build a theater room that meets your desires and goals.

During the Installation

Wiring, installing, and programming the AV components, lighting, and control devices for a home theater system can quickly become overwhelming. We highly recommend hiring a professional to handle structural alterations like installing in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, a hidden lift, or a mount for a large-screen TV or recessed LED lighting fixtures. An AV specialist can also help install wall-mounted TVs and projector screens. Today’s large-screen TVs can run up to 75 inches and bigger — not an easy screen to lift and mount on your own.   

During the System Calibration

Once your home theater system is installed, your specialist will perform a professional calibration for audio and video equipment. While a brand-new TV or projector screen displays excellent picture quality right out of the box, a professional calibration ensures your screen is delivering optimal color rendering, contrast levels, and brightness. Tuning and calibrating your audio system ensures crisp, even sound transmission throughout the room.

At Argenta, our specialty is designing and building custom home theaters that meet your every specification. Trust an AV specialist to do the job right the first time around. If you’re interested in a theater setup for your Park City, UT, home, call us, fill out a contact form, or start a live chat on your screen. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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