Smart Home Technology Creates A Home That Responds To You


A Professionally Installed Automation Ecosystem Provides Comfort, Wellness, and Entertainment.

Technology has many uses; it can entertain, inform, simplify, and protect us. There are trade shows large and small promoting a product or collection of devices to improve your lifestyle.  While some interestingly genuine innovations have come out of off-the-shelf devices, they all lack one thing - interoperability. 

Smart home technology furnishes you with the luxury of integrated convenience, an ecosystem that conforms to you.  A greater interconnection between the components provides you with a house that regulates itself, responds to your needs instantly, and allows you to personalize it all to your liking.  Take control of whole-home wellness, climate, and distributed entertainment from the touch of a button or with the power of your voice.

Are you interested in how an automated home can improve your wellbeing, save on energy costs, and increase your enjoyment of your Salt Lake City, UT home? Keep reading to learn more.


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Lighting For Your Life

Fostering a healthier living environment through technology is about creating balance with human-centric applications. Get better sleep, feel refreshed, and keep energized and focused throughout the day.

Light has a significant influence on our mood and emotional state. Natural light provides vitamin D and stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone associated with happiness and pleasure. The sun’s rise and setting cycle creates our circadian rhythms, which has been shown to impact our sleep. Lighting that works to generate illumination resembling the changing colors and intensity of sunlight helps keep your body in tune with the day. Start the day with a soft glow that intensifies through the day and transitions into warmer colors as bedtime approaches.

Keeping You In Comfort

Keeping your home’s environment comfortable is an essential element for living. A smart home climate control manages each room, or zones, to ensure you experience a consistent temperature throughout the home. Use less energy to heat the south-facing areas of your house during the day, focusing on the rooms with less exposure to the sun. When it is time for bed, the automation processor lowers the bedroom to 65 degrees, considered the perfect temperature for sleep. 

Shades create a finishing touch to any room, but they can do so much more than set the fashion of a space. Modern homes utilize windows to allow daylighting, letting the sun’s rays energize rooms and opening the house to include the outdoors as part of the decor. The heat produced by sunlight can be a problem in the summer months. Motorized shades automatically raise and lower as needed, blocking out unwanted heat and UV rays that can fade furniture, rugs, and art. 

Entertainment Centered On You

Music and movies hold a special place in our lives; they inspire, motivate, and relax us after a long day.  The mediums that mean so much to us deserve systems throughout your home that respect this special relationship. 

Listen to music in any room at any time with a whole-home audio system. Choose any source, from your curated collection to streaming services, including platforms like TIDAL, Spotify, and Deezer that offer high-definition  FLAC, Dolby Atmos, and MQA formats.  The speakers are designed to be heard, not seen with models that paintable grills that lay flush with the surface-mounted inside the walls to be invisible. Indoors or outside, let the music move you. 

Experience films as the directors intended with a widescreen 4K DCI home theater and a projector that equals, and often exceeds, the quality of your local movie house, with millions of true-to-life colors and reality blurring depth of field. The surround sound system makes the moment immersive by generating a multidimensional audio field. The sound effects, conversions, and thunderous explosions all feel like they are in the room with you. 

Reap the Benefits

Smart home technology does more than turn off your lights or give you the weather forecast. With a complete ecosystem, your whole home is managed to give you the freedom to live your best. Are you ready to reap the benefits?

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